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Welcome! is a resource for parents, particularly geared toward those that have been through the Growing Families Int’l parenting material.  For more information about what the Mom’s Notes are and where they came from, check out the ‘About Us’ page.

There are a wide variety of Mom’s Notes that are geared towards parenting issues, broken down at each child's age level. Since the Mom’s Notes can be purchased both individually and in packages, the ‘Using Mom’s Notes’ page provides a map with recommendations on where to begin, how the Mom’s Notes are packaged, and age-appropriate presentations.

The Mom's Notes Book Store full of products for parents and children that include children’s books, devotionals, encouragement for parents, and the Mom’s Notes. Please note that shipping pricing is for US orders only. For International shipping, please contact customer service for pricing.

Joey & Carla Link, authors of the Mom’s Notes, actively travel the country speaking at conferences and mom’s groups.  A schedule of their upcoming events are listed on the ‘Conferences’ page.

The Mom's Notes are available in various sets, and we've made them all available in CD form with Notes at an online discount of $225 (normally $300).


New Books!

Why Can't I Get My Kids to Behave? Joey & Carla Link have written this new book which is currently available. They lay down fundamental reasons why children do not behave and what an obedient child is and how to raise one. Through teaching, examples and testimonies of parents who have used time-honored Biblical principles; you too can learn how to get your child to behave.

Now available in audio book CDs!

Monthly Updates & Discounts

Get monthly updates that will tell about new books and resources at the Mom’s Notes Book Store. The monthly update will tell what books are currently on sale! Click below to get this regular update. Email addresses are private and will not be shared. Also, please encourage your friends and other GKGW alumni to come and sign up.


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